What’s involved?



Once you have arranged an appointment the coaching process begins with a meeting, where you and Laura will get to know one another and start to create the coaching relationship, or ‘coaching alliance’, a place of equality, confidentiality and trust. Often Laura will ask you to consider a couple of questions before this session exploring your values as a person and the areas of your life, or issues you might wish to explore, as well as complete some basic information.

At the first meeting and subsequent ones you will, with Laura, agree the way you want to be coached and the format or combination of formats that will be most helpful, i.e. face-to-face coaching, telephone, Skype, walking coaching or any combination that is most helpful. You will also start to explore the outcomes that you are seeking from the coaching process.

The role of the coach

Laura’s role in the process is to listen, explore, ask and, if agreed, challenge and hold you accountable, and reflect upon patterns or areas where you may be in conflict with your values or be undermining yourself. Depending upon the issues that you bring to coaching Laura may suggest exercises and help you to develop strategies, goals or plans of action to take.

The role of the client

Your role in the coaching process is to be open, prepared to work, think, explore, learn and reflect, both during the sessions and between them—and to give feedback so that the coaching alliance can be developed and evolve as you work together.

The coaching process will offer the flexibility to consider a wide variety of topics and to explore them in a variety of ways. It is your agenda.