I’ve known Laura for some years in a development context. She has always demonstrated very high levels of emotional intelligence and integrity, and is a key member of our learning community. Laura recently facilitated a session for us very effectively with her usual purposeful, witty and engaging approach. I would recommend Laura as a facilitator or coach to anyone.

—CC, Deputy Director, Cabinet Office


I chose Laura to coach me towards next steps in my career because she is both empathetic and willing and able to provide direct, critical feedback in a constructive way. She is astute about what approaches work for me, employing a variety of techniques that get me thinking deeply and then doing better.

—DKBD, Head of Function, government department


I’ve benefited hugely from Laura’s wisdom and her gently challenging, supportive approach. I find I come away from each session with new perspectives on both career and family. Having a coach who understands the demands of both is a real benefit. Laura’s insights have a depth that is borne of her wide-ranging experience and have been invaluable. Thanks Laura!

—Deputy Director, Department for International Development


Laura is an excellent facilitator. She listens actively, and has a highly engaging and supportive style. She enables people to think things through for themselves in an encouraging and questioning manner.

—Deputy Director of Procurement, Department for Transport


Laura’s supportive, yet gently challenging, style of coaching helped me to find ways to cope, and even grow, during what was a very difficult time in my life. I found the sessions empowering and I began to think in a different way. Thank you so much, Laura.

—NHS professional


Thank you for your wise, skilful, intuitive and sensitive coaching. Your style, warm approach and intelligent coaching has helped to make me feel grounded, capable, intelligent and empowered in a very demanding and turbulent year of my life… I have been through considerable emotional turmoil and one near-death experience—which sounds dramatic—but that was my real life experience this year. Knowing that you were a kindred spirit with real and genuine empathy helped to sustain my resolve not to give up. You are a truly inspirational coach.

—O.W.-P., Senior Charity Trustee (Chair)


During my coaching sessions with Laura she allowed me to talk through and analyse my thoughts and feelings on various difficult and often upsetting topics which were affecting my position. This process allowed me to clarify my position and allowed me to make balanced progress in a positive way during a very trying and difficult time in my career. I would like to share my experience of Laura’s coaching to enable others to benefit from her ability to help you clarify your thoughts and to make progress.

—A.M. (charitable company)