Facilitation & action learning


Action learning is a great medium for learning and development which is applied directly to your work situation. It involves a group of individuals coming together on a number of occasions to explore personal or other development opportunities or a particular challenge that is faced.

It is an excellent technique used in companies or organisations, or with groups of professional colleagues from different organisations but with similar challenges and often working in isolation—such as team management or leadership, personnel management, change management or leadership, talent development or ongoing personal development.

It has particular value in larger organisations where different teams can benefit from wider understanding of other areas of work, corporate vision, or for individuals on faster learning curves, such as new managers, who wish to develop networks and understanding. It can also be highly effective when used with boards or senior leaders to refresh visions or corporate direction and further develop effectiveness in an ‘away day’ style but going beyond a one-day event.

The professional facilitation ensures that members of the group develop the ground rules, manage time fairly and keep on track, reviewing progress, listening actively to colleagues and taking the actions agreed. At its best it is a great form of organisational and individual development with individuals co-coaching one another and groups becoming self-maintaining networks that do not require professional facilitation.

The format of action learning can vary tremendously from an afternoon a month to a dinner followed by a working day every year—depending upon the outcomes being sought, the stage in a process that the group is at, and its needs. If you want to find out more please contact me.